Shilpi Group Fitness Instructor

San Diego Pilates


Shilpi is the founder of Corebody Pilates Plus. She brings an odd mix of skills to the position – she’s a former software engineer who fell in love with PILATES PLUS 4 years ago. As a working mother and a busy professional settled in her career, how did she end up owning a fitness studio? She knew a good thing when she found it. After searching all over for a Low Impact workout that gets results, she was introduced to PILATES PLUS in 2010. Her first class left her sweating, shaking and absolutely hooked! This workout was fun, and she left that class wanting to come back for more. Researching on the science behind this workout and the incredible benefits it offered, made her a believer. She felt stronger, Toned and lost inches faster than any other workout she had done before! A few years later it also helped her drop her post-baby weight, relieve her back pain and strengthen her core noticeably. How could she not share this? In her own words – ” I am thrilled and honored to bring this workout to the Health and Fitness oriented communities that surround Carmel Mountain Ranch. I believe that Health and Fitness is the Glue that binds your whole life together. Losing weight is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Exercise. There is a deeper Mind and Body connection that affects your entire lifestyle. Changing your body can change your Life so don’t wait. I look forward to meeting you personally and help take your fitness to the next level.”

Favorite Exercise: Plank to PIKE

Teaching Style: Encouraging, Supportive and make it fun for all fitness levels.

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