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SPX Pilates

Our signature Pilates workout called the SPX Pilates done on Proformer machines target and tone your entire core, along with your upper and lower body, all using a system of springs and body weight resistance. The key is that the this method works each muscle group until fatigued before moving onto the next, creating the most effective workout in the least amount of time! Results – Tighter waistline, Toned body in a few short weeks. Guaranteed.

Pilates in San Diego


The machine at the heart of this workout is a tool for transformation. You have to experience it to fell the "difference."

It is a much needed upgrade to the classical “Reformer” found in most Pilates studios. Proformer allows for a full body sculpting workout that tightens the core and tones your body that is simply not possible with a Reformer. Its more efficient and burns more calories in less time! who doesn't like that?

This revolutionary form of SPX Pilates burn upto 500 calories each class. If you take our TRX - SPX and SPX - H.I.I.T combo classes, you are burning even more.

Enough Talk! Sign up for a class now and lets get sweat in!


Lagree Fitness

Sebastien Lagree created "Lagree Fitness" a patented workout system that is Low Impact and High Intensity and taught on revolutionary Proformer machines. It is based on principles of traditional Pilates but really takes the workout to a whole new level that was much needed. It is known as SPX Pilates by its devotees.

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