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  • Class Descriptions

    Corebody Pilates Plus is dedicated to creating a fun and energizing workout that is a journey for the mind, body and core.
    SPX Pilates
    SPX Pilates class is our signature Lagree Fitness class that works the entire body in just 45 minutes on the PROFORMER Machines! SPX Pilates is a core targeted, fat burning workout to some fun and upbeat music. Classes are designed and taught by certified instructors. The workout will work every muscle in your body and you’ll feel longer, leaner and tighter at the end of each class. It strengthens your body, improves endurance, and jump-starts your metabolism. In addition, this safe and effective workout allows you to stay focused and get ....

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  • Lagree Fitness… It’s Not Just for Women!

    Lagree Fitness… It’s Not Just for Women!

    It has been touted as “the next evolution in physical fitness,” it’ll get your heart pumping, your sweat flowing and can give you nearly instant results. Lagree fitness , a full-body total conditioning workout created by Sebastien Lagree, may have been made popular by super-models and celebrities , but it is perfect for everyone; women, men, young old, beginner to elite athlete. Sebastien Lagree created the his fitness program to be an improvement on the standard Pilates and has been affectionately known as “ Pilates on steroids
    .” Once Lagree started noticing how many of his clients were hitting the treadmill directly after their Pilates sessions. He had ....

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  • How a BOSU Ball Benefits Your CoreBody Pilates Plus Training

    How a BOSU Ball Benefits Your CoreBody Pilates Plus Training

    BOSU trainers are now in the studio and will start being implemented into any of our classes at the instructors discretion (based on the routine). Find out how the BOSU ball benefits your CoreBody Pilates Plus training.
    What is a BOSU?
    What is a BOSU? “A BOSU trainer, is a fitness training device, invented in 1999 by David Weck, that can be used with either side up. The name initially came from an acronym standing for “BOth Sides Up” – a reference to the two ways a BOSU ball can be positioned. Both sides of it — the inflatable dome or the flat plastic surface — provide different challenges for your muscles. Whether you use the flat side of the BOSU ....

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  • Mom’s Guide for Easy Meal Planning

    Mom’s Guide for Easy Meal Planning

    Mom’s are busy ladies! Between making sure the kids have everything they need, spending time with hubby, working in our own careers and (of course!) taking care of ourselves, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Sometimes we just need a little help. That’s why we have created this quick, easy guide for meal planning. Here are our suggestions for easy meal planning:
    Make a Plan
    Spend one day thinking through your week. What activities do you have planned? If little Johnny has a soccer meet on Thursday, what kind of meal can you pre-prepare on that day? How many meals do you actually have to plan for? What is the weather supposed to be like? Sometimes ....

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  • Mom’s and Daughter’s Make For Awesome Workout Partners at CoreBody

    Mom’s and Daughter’s Make For Awesome Workout Partners at CoreBody

    We have some pretty amazing clients here at CoreBody Pilates Plus studio and some of those that have inspired us the most are mother/daughter workout partners. We recently chatted with a few of these lovely ladies about how they feel about working out with each other and here is what they have to say.
    Belinda and Jennifer
    Why is it important to stay fit?
    I started with core body Jan of 2014 to get in shape for my wedding in Sept. I loved it so much I knew it wouldn’t be a “just for the wedding” workout. That’s why I’ve been able to stay with core body & make it a lifestyle instead of a short lived workout to get in shape just before a big life ....

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  • 5 Power Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love

    5 Power Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love

    We’ve all heard before that breakfast is the most important meal. But do you know why? Eating a good breakfast gives your body the nutrients and energy it needs to start the day, and makes you less susceptible to cravings and fatigue later on. It’s especially important if you are an active individual, as the foods you eat fuel your body for an effective workout, and help your muscles recover properly afterwards. Eating a good breakfast is just as important as that cup of coffee. And if you’re in need of some new, healthy recipes, we’re here to help. Below are 5 power breakfast recipes that will help jump start your day, and get you through, the right way: ....

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  • How One CoreBody Student Shed 22 Pounds

    How One CoreBody Student Shed 22 Pounds

    We are blown away with the weight loss success of one our students. Divine Cook has shown great commitment and discipline with lifestyle changes and she was kind enough to share her story with us, and how CoreBody was a part of her success. We recently asked Divine how she was able to lose 22 pounds in the past eight months, here is what she had to say…
    Tell us about yourself
    My name is Divine Cook. I am 24 years old. I was born in Virginia and moved to California in 2010. I studied musical theater at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. My ultimate dream is to pursue acting. I absolutely love to sing, dance, and act. I currently ....

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  • 6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge

    6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge

    Ready to look the part this summer?
    Whether you want to get into that teensy bikini this year, are planning a vacation, or just want to feel more comfortable and confident in shorts and tanks, we want to help you reach your goals! We are kicking off our 6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge
    When is it?
    Monday, April 28 th – Sunday June 7 th What is it?
    24 POINTS in 6 weeks.
    Attend 1 Class = 1 Point Bring a Friend = 2 Points Attend a FitCamp = 2 Points Rack up Points by Referring your friends to the Studio or to the Fitcamp, its that simple. We can track the points from our end, but do let us know when you refer a Friend PRIZES:
    1st Prize – $100 Cash ....

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  • 10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (or more!)

    10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (or more!)

    Losing weight isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Everybody is different with different chemistry, perspective, food preference and more. What works for one person, may not necessarily work for the next. Sometimes unwanted weight can creep on (so sneaky!) and we find ourselves wanting to get it back down, or perhaps we simply want to slim down for a season (hello summer!) No matter what your motivation, we have curated a few tips – guaranteed to appeal to nearly every body type – to help you reach your goals.
    Here are 10 ways to lose 10 pounds
    1. Drink more water
    Water is actually an appetite suppressant, so if you commit to drinking a full glass before a meal, ....

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  • What is Tabata?

    What is Tabata?

    Think you can do anything for 20 seconds? Then you’ll love Tabata ! Tabata is a variant of HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) which consists of four minutes of 20 second intervals of hard training followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times. Hence the alternative name of the 4 minute workout (8 x 20 seconds effort + 8 x 10 second rest = 4 minutes) with 10 seconds rest. Tabata training was popularized in Japan by Dr. Izumi Tabata . He and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports completed a study to determine the efficacy of Tabata Interval Training. He set out conducting research with the Japanese Olympic speed-skating team. Testing two ....

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